Eurojust Serbia Agreement

Hamran said that close cooperation between Serbia and Eurojust in the fight against cross-border crime was necessary, as provided for in the signed agreement, adding that Serbia could transmit past and current cases to the Agency. The Commission`s report states that the Serbia-EUROJUST agreement includes the deployment of liaison officers, the creation of contact points and the exchange of information. The Serbian Ministry of Justice told N1 that liaison officers on both sides were the main novelty since they could request information on the proceedings, while the contact points could only communicate information to others for the proceedings. International agreements enable Eurojust to consolidate its partnerships with third countries and international organisations and to bring them and the Member States closer together in the fight against serious cross-border crime. Strengthening links between justice actors, inside and outside the EU, complicates the lives of organised crime groups (OCGs), terrorists and other criminals operating across borders, by providing working practices and strategies and strengthening judicial cooperation and mutual trust. For example, the Pollino case: raid against the Ndrangheta mafia in Europe, 5. December 2018/2018-12-05_Infographic-Crackdown-on-Ndrangheta.pdf and the case of Santa Lucia: Santa Lucia, 2017/2017-Operation-SantaLucia.pdf Video:↩ Unless there is a cooperation agreement reached.↩ Hamran said: “I am very happy to conclude this cooperation agreement with one of our main partners in the Western Balkans. Closer relations will help make Europe safer. Serbia can benefit from our practical instruments of cooperation in the prosecution of serious cases of cross-border crime. Cooperation and mutual trust can lead to a more effective fight against crime in the region.

I am referring here to contact points for countries that do not have a cooperation agreement with Eurojust, which means that it is not possible to exchange personal data with these contact points.↩ Given the recent entry into force of the cooperation agreements with Albania and Serbia, known prosecutors from these two countries are expected in the coming months.↩ In order to achieve cooperation Operationally effective, it is necessary to have a clear legal basis for the exchange of personal data. . . .

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