The Central Washington State Fair in Yakima!

Had a nice afternoon at the State Fair on Sunday, September 25th.  There are county, local community fairs across the state and several regional, State Fairs throughout the year:  Central Washington State Fair in Yakima, Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, and THE Washington State Fair in Puyallup which hosts a state fair in the Spring and in September each year!  The night time photo below is from the CWSF website, but it’s a beautiful view of the park at night.  We were there during the day.  LambBurgers were our “new food at the fair” for this year.  Must try something new from their creative culinary offerings!!!  The Yakima SunDome is a round building, an arena on the fairgrounds that seats over 6,ooo.  It hosts sporting and other events throughout the year, and business booths during the state fair.  Next to the fairgrounds is the Yakima County Stadium which hosts the Yakima Valley Pippins, a “wood bat” baseball team of the “West Coast League.”  Yet another cultural experience to look forward to!!!centralwastatefairyaksept2016 cwsf2016midway7 cwsf2016midway3 cwsf2016midway8 cwsf2016midway4 cwsf2016lambburgerscwsf2016midway5 cwsf2016midway6 cwsf2016insidesundome cwsf2016dembooth cwsf2016outsidesundome cwsf2016yakcountystadiumpippins cwsf2016entrance cwst2016directory

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