We are now residents of Yakima, Washington!

It’s great to be here!  We just got our Driver’s Licenses, and registered to VOTE!!!

Yakima is a beautiful city, and Central Lutheran Church is a wonderful congregation.  They’ve all made us feel so welcome and comfortable!  The staff Carolyn works with are fantastic, and the people are eager to focus on the mission of the church and what they can do to share their love of Christ with the rest of the congregation, the community, and the world!CarolynsNewOfficeCLC The signage confirms, it’s for real:CLCSignageUnfortunately, her first week here, the driver’s side rear view mirror was ripped off and taken from the side of the car parked in the church parking lot.  Got that replaced, hope it doesn’t happen again…it’s kind of expensive!  NewMirrorYakimaYakiimaCostcoThere’s even a Costco here!!!! Yippeeeeee!  It’s fun visiting different stores and restaurants and places around town.  The Fair is coming up, and some other activities that should be fun!  So much to do around here!  It’s amazing!!!LenaiView FlowersOutsideFRWindow DinnerOnLenai MinersBurgerYak RusillosPizza

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