Everything is now in Yakima!!!

Carolyn and I just took the 10′ U-Haul Trailer to the dealer here in Yakima this afternoon!  It’s all here, all of our stuff is now in our new home.

I flew from Yakima to Seattle to Dallas Fort Worth to Grand Island on Thursday.  It was an uneventful journey this time, and I got to GI around 10pm.  Stayed in the Travelodge on South Locust Street because they’re one of the few motels that shuttle people to and from the airport.  The Travelodge is also just a few blocks north of the U-Haul store on South Locust Street.  So it was handy to walk there Friday morning to pick up the second truck.  Our move to Yakima took a completely full 26′ truck PLUS a full 10′ truck…we MUST downsize even more!

I was packed by 11am, after carrying some very heavy boxes up the 14 steps from the parsonage basement.  I picked up some Runzas to take home (the Director of Youth and Family Ministries at Central Lutheran Church in Yakima has relatives living in Dannebrog near St. Paul and remembered eating them before.)  So, I guess we’ll share Runzas with the staff!  After visiting Carolyn’s mother at Brookfield Park, I left for home.  It was raining “cats and dogs,” figuratively!  Lots of wind and rain, hard to see an difficult to keep the truck on the road sometimes.  I took the northern route this time, just for a change…up US-281, catching Interstate 90 in South Dakota and then Interstate 82 to Yakima from Ellensburg 35 miles  north of here.  It seemed to be a much longer trip than the Interstate 80 route, but it was interesting!

All of our belongings are once again in one place.  It feels even more like home now!leavingdfwforgi fourteenstepsparsonage truckfullstorage emptypasronage runzastogo windrainleavingstp

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