Dave Returns to St. Paul to Load and Move EVERYTHING!

We got a “preliminary” estimate from the moving “coordinator” long ago, but waited and waited for the final, more accurate estimate.  After someone finally made it to St. Paul to visually see the items to be moved, we asked and asked for the estimate, but it was delayed time and time again.  Finally, just days before we left St. Paul, they have us an outrageous estimate we and the church could NOT accept.  Moving companies, we hear, get better deals moving form metro area to metro area.  Few, we found, want to bother with small towns off the beaten path.

Our backup plan, then, was to have Dave return to Nebraska, get a 26′ uHaul truck and tow our mini van behind, and bring Jambo, the cat, along.  So…on August 18th, Dave flies out of Yakima to Seattle, DallasFortWorth, and into Grand Island so he can finish packing and load the truck the next Monday.  Unfortunately, the flight from DFW to Grand Island was canceled, as it often is, and he stayed in the airport overnight.  No flights had seats to GI the next morning, so he flew to Omaha and managed to get a ride to Omaha with someone traveling from the Omaha airport to Kearney.  Thank goodness it all worked out!

Dave got a call that Sunday saying the truck is available in Kearney, not Grand Island, so that delays him and complicates everything.  After finally getting the truck, loading the mini van on the trailer, and dropping off the modem at Charter in Grand Island, it was time to load.YakimaAirport AlaskaAirView UhaulTruckTrailerCharter PianoOnAHandtruck StPaulMovingDay MovingTruckLoading

Dave did ALL the work by himself.  Loading went well, but it was a very long day.  Finally, by 8pm, the truck was full.  Unfortunately there were still some boxes that didn’t fit, he’s going back later to get them since we found out that nobody wants to drop those moving PODS off in a place like St. Paul…would have been so convenient !!!

The trip in a 26′ truck towing a trailer with a mini van on it is not pleasant.  It’s bumpy, slow uphill and over mountains, and takes lots of gasoline.  Fortunately, the trip was uneventful and Dave and Jambo made it to Yakima on Wednesday, August 24th without incident.  After staying in the local Super 8 motel a few nights, we signed the paperwork on Friday, August 26th and moved in to 2105 Maclaren Street.  Thanks to all from Central Lutheran Church who helped us with this enormous task!!!  All went well. It was a relief dropping off the Uhaul that evening!!!

MovingJambo MovingWestward MovingScenery JamboSuper8 MaclarenMoveIn MaclarenMoveInHelpers UhaulDropoff1

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