We Get Ready to Move to Yakima, Washington!

Carolyn received the call to Central Lutheran Church in Yakima on Wednesday, July 13, 2016.  She announced the acceptance of this call to the congregation of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in St. Paul, NE on Sunday, July 17, and gave the next 4 weeks as notice, with vacation continuing her call at St. Mark’s through August.

Before leaving Nebraska, we visited some people we wanted to see and did some things we wanted to do.  Yakima, Washington is a long way away, some 1,466 miles according to Google Maps!

We visited the homebound of St. Mark’s to say goodbye.  We visited cemeteries in Broken Bow and Holdrege, Nebraska to find information on some of Dave’s long lost relatives.  He hopes to get back into the genealogy activities he did many years ago.

BrokenBow Cemetery Holdrege Cemetery DaharshTombstoneHoldregeWe also visited Dan and Emily and Chloe at their new home in Plymouth, Minnesota.  They recently acquired a new baby grand piano.  It’s beautiful!  We ate out and went to the new Star Trek movie.  We’ll be farther away and probably won’t see them as often.  Very sad times!!!

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