Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – Ngorogoro Conservation Area…Wait until you see the pictures!

I got a picture of Simba!  The safari to Ngorongoro was amazing.  The
name is the Swahili version of the Maasai name which means, “really
big hole.”  It is a caldera, not a true crater, because it was formed
when a volcano erupted and collapsed.  The interior is about nine
miles in diameter and is a grassy plain with many lakes and streams.
The animals graze safely there because they are contained inside.
There is a steep winding road to get down and up for the safari vans.
It is very foggy around the rim and I was concerned when we arrived
that we wouldn’t see anything, however the driver assured us that it
was sunny down in the crater.

There were herds of zebras, gazelles, and wildebeasts everywhere you
looked.  Animals are very close to you.  We often stopped so they
could cross the road.  I have incredible close up pictures of mother
elephants and their calves, beautiful birds, and of course the lions.
Simba was very cooperative and rested not 6 feet from the van as I
quietly leaned out to take a few photos.

We stopped at the “snake park” in Arusha on the way back.  It is a
small reptile zoo with snakes, crocodiles, and a few tortoises.  The
tour guide asked for volunteers to hold a non-poisonous green snake at
the end and none of my friends wanted to, so I did.  I think they were
very surprised I did that.

We came back to Tema on Tuesday to find that the transformer was out
for the whole village.  I do miss electricity.  Even the people here
are glad to finally be able to charge their cell phones since it came
on at 5:00 PM Wednesday.

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