Wednesday, May 13, 2015 – More On My Machame Hospital Visit

Today was a quiet sermon writing day.  Tomorrow is Ascension Day and I
am happy that we are celebrating the festival.  I also outlined my
sermon for Sunday and the one for Pentecost.

I wanted to share something else interesting about the Machame
Hospital.  Unlike American hospitals, food and laundry services are
not provided by the hospital. Patients come with a family member who
takes care of those needs.  The hospital provides a large kitchen and
laundry facility for family use.  There is a canteen (small
restaurant) if you want to purchase a meal and there were vendors
across the street selling produce.  Family members “room in” if they
need to.  Women come from great distance to have their babies there so
they try to arrive at least 2 weeks before their due date.  They bring
a sister or their mother or older daughter to help them.  There is a
large ward where these women all stay together.  It costs $20 to have
a baby there.

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