Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – No Juice!

It has been a quiet couple of days for me, although this is more of a
rainforest than Lake Wobegone.  Monday is a day off so there were no
meetings or classes scheduled.  The power went off Sunday evening and
just came back around 6 PM Tuesday.  Evidently, that is not at all
unusual and everyone here is prepared to cook with propane and
charcoal and do what else they need to do with battery powered lights.
Me, I need my electricity.  I have a number of books loaded on my
iPad, but the battery is only good for 10 hours, so I am limited with
that.  This laptop is old and needs to be plugged in to run, so I was
out of contact with people for 2 days.

It has also been a quiet couple of days because I am getting over a
cold and cough.  My voice is still scratchy and I cough less if I am
quiet, so I didn’t teach today.  I also don’t want to share my germs
with the kids at school or confirmation.  I am sure I will be fine for
the weekend and I have started on the sermon for Sunday.  If it is
dry, I will be at Nrowony preaching point.  I am looking forward to
sharing worship with them.  If it’s muddy, there is no way to get me
there and back.

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