Tuesday, May 12, 2015 – A Visit to Machame Hospital!

I had a wonderful trip to Machame Hospital today.  This hospital is
part of the original German Lutheran mission to Tanzania.  Today, Bob
Kasworm, our Nebraska Synod representative there, gave us a wonderful
tour.  We met with the medical director, then saw the outpatient
clinic, women and children’s clinic, the maternity ward, the
orthopedic ward, the surgery theaters, and the school of nursing
buildings.  Machame is supported generously by Immanuel communities
and CHI health. Many nursing students are supported in their education
through the gifts from people in Nebraska.  There is a physician
assistant school at the hospital as well. Both men and women
participate in the PA and nursing school programs.

We had a great lunch at the hospital canteen afterwards.  For the
first time since I came to Tanzania, I saw a cat, actually 2 kitties,
a grey striped and a black one.  They allowed themselves to be
photographed, but not touched.  I am sure they were hoping I would
spill some of my lunch for them. They were small, but looked very

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