Thursday, May 7, 2015 – Electricity Most of the Day! Yay!

I was feeling much better today so I was planning to teach religion to
the little kids this morning.  However, it was still raining, so I was
unable to get over there.  I attempted to go to church for
confirmation class a little after 4 PM when it wasn’t raining anymore.
However, only 2 kids showed up so we rescheduled for tomorrow,
assuming it isn’t raining.  The mud was so bad on the way back from
church that both my translator and the evangelist were helping me.
Tomorrow, I will not go over to teach unless it dries up a lot,
because it just isn’t safe for me or whoever is trying to help me.

The electricity has been on for most of today and that makes me happy.
I learned that the district superintendent has directed everyone to
preach on marriage for the month of May so I am trying to translate
his notes to see what I need to do.  I was planning to preach on the
lectionary passage from 1 Timothy 2:1-5 on authority.  Maybe I can
merge the topics.  Who knows?

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