Thursday, April 30, 2015 – Music at Tema Parish!

I am preparing for the funeral tomorrow, and will share more about
that after it is over.  Today, I wanted to share about evening
prayers.  The elders of the church decided that while I am here, that
they will take turns coming over to the house every evening around 9
PM for evening prayers.  That consists of singing several songs from
the Tenzi za Rohoni or “spiritual songs” book, which is a small
paperback.  Everyone has one and they are well worn.  The songs are in
Swahili or Chagga, the tribal language.  They are old familiar tunes:
“Stand up for Jesus,” “The Old Rugged Cross,'” “My hope is built on
nothing less,” etc. However, whoever translated sometimes put the
words to one hymn to the tune of another just so they would fit

Two to four elders come every evening.  They all sing beautifully and
harmonize throughout.  It is so much fun to sing with them and I think
singing is helping me pronounce Swahili.  Sometime I pray in English,
and sometimes there is a sung litany which is beautiful.  I am going
to get someone to sing it for me and see if I can figure out how to
write the notes so I can bring it back.  Hymnals do not have music
here, just words.

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