Sunday, May 3, 2015 – Sweet Potato Pie, Tanzanian style?

Yesterday, Erick Njau, Pastor John’s son took me to Moshi.  We did
some shopping and I got to meet some of the pastors at the Cathedral
there.  One of them had been on the exchange program a few years ago
and served in Kearney.  I saw several deaconesses, because they run
the diocese book store, and met a pastor named Anna who had studied at
Wartburg Seminary.  I had a wonderful time talking with her.

We went to the Lutheran Uhuru Hotel for lunch and used their wifi to
send the pictures you got yesterday.  There is a gift shop there, too,
so I got to spend some more money,

This morning I baptized two adorable little babies.  We received a
family as members who have moved back into the parish and I said a
prayer of thanksgiving with a family who were grateful that their
son’s broken leg was healed.

After church, we went to the home of one of the babies where we sang a
couple of songs and I prayed and read scripture in English since there
was no interpreter.  In a half hour, the elders are coming over for a
meeting. After that, Woinde and I are going to make sweet potato pie
filling.  If I can figure out what to use for shortening, there may
even be a crust.

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