Sunday, May 24, 2015 – Pastor Carolyn’s Last Post from Tema Parish

Today is Pentecost.  The Holy Spirit came.  It was my last Sunday with

Tema Parish.  Pastor Amos came to represent the district office and
help see me off.  We celebrated communion with the congregations from
Tema and Nrowony.  The church was full and that made me glad.  I was
able to preach a few lines of my sermon in Swahili, the part where I
talked about Peter preaching on the first Pentecost and the Holy
Spirit came upon them and they were all able to understand in their
own languages.  The congregation applauded.  (Not that I think
applause is appropriate in worship or anything, but it was very

There were gifts and thank you speeches and then we had the auction,
then we had the lunch. By then it was 2:00.  Worship started at 10:15
to give you some perspective and I got back to the house where we had
tea with Pastor Amos and the Swais.  I had seen pictures that Bishop
Maas took of the whole roast goat they had for him when he came so it
wasn’t as shocking as it would have been otherwise.  The head is left
on, but otherwise it is skinned and standing on a table.  There is a
ceremony with the goat carving which Pastor Amos graciously explained
to me as we went along.  The meat was delicious.

My flight leaves tomorrow evening and it will be good to get back to
husband and family and friends at St. Mark’s.  Look for pictures in a
few days when I get high speed internet again.

I leave with a verse from a Transfiguration hymn:
“How good Lord to be here,
yet we must not remain,
but if you bid us leave the mount,
come with us to the plain.”  Amen.

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