Saturday, May 9, 2015 – More Rain and Canceled Plans

Friday was a quiet rainy day.   I was not able to go to school to
teach religion or to church to teach confirmation because of the rain
and the mud.  The power was off most of the day, but did come back
around 4 pm and stayed on all night so my devices are charged. Yay!
Last night there was a young adult prayer group meeting with people
from Boma parish coming for a time of fellowship with the group here
at Tema.  It was pouring rain, dark, and muddy, and I was disappointed
not to be able to attend.  Evidently, the Boma parish group got their
car stuck in the mud on the way home.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to preach in Nrowony.  It has stopped raining
for now, (about noon Saturday), but I am not optimistic that I will
make it there in the mud even if the rain doesn’t come back.  They
said the road is not passable even for 4 wheel drive vehicles.  I said
that it is not safe for me even with assistance to walk that far down
and up the mountain in the mud if a car can’t come get us in case I
fall.  Fortunately, most of the people agree with me, although there
are some at Nrowony who think I am slighting them by not making the
trip.  I am sorry for that, but I don’t believe I am being the least
bit unreasonable.

The district superintendent has sent out a list of preaching
suggestions and commentary for the month of May with the theme of
Christian marriage.  He is basing it on the story from 1 Kings 3 about
Solomon and the two women who both claim the live baby is theirs and
Solomon suggests cutting the boy in half.  Interesting story and
interesting take on it. My perspective is probably very different from
his.  I will post my sermon when I am able to get internet for the

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