Saturday, May 23, 2015 – And the Farewells Begin!

Well, I said yesterday that Friday was a quiet sermon writing day.
Well, it wasn’t In the morning several elders came by with Erick Njau,
Pastor John’s son, and we discussed their dreams for a vocational
school.  We talked at length about the need for concrete, detailed
plans before it is appropriate to look for funding.  It is a wonderful
dream.  Right now, however, it is in the very earliest stage where all
they have is a piece of land, some willing laborers, and a good idea.

The kindergarten class showed up during that meeting and I was asked
to take a class picture.  I cannot adequately say in words how
incredibly adorable they are.  You will have to wait until next week
when you can see all the pictures.  It breaks my heart how poor they
are.  They come to class and are fed porridge which is formulated to
be highly nutritious for children.  Many of them get no breakfast
before school.  I visited their class the other day.  Attendance is
voluntary, so they come sporadically and only 3 of the 11 were there
the day I was.  They were happy that meant they were able to get
seconds on the porridge.  There were only 2 pencils and they shared
the copy books to work on letters and numbers.  One little boy used a
stub of chalk to write on the concrete floor.  Even if he could have
reached the chalk board, it was rotting away from the wall.  The
classroom consists of 2 benches for children and a small table and
chair for the teacher.  This is a much more urgent need here.  I hope                                     we can assist them in their classroom needs now.

Friday evening was a farewell meeting with the elders.  I was very
touched by their appreciation for the things  that I have done here.
The head elder told of Peter, James, and John on the mount of
Transfiguration and how they also wished they could build a dwelling
so that I could stay here.  I was not prepared to make a speech, but I
think my interpreter told them what I should have said and that’s OK.

Saturday was a quiet sermon writing day.  I thought of everyone at St.
Mark’s and prayed for you as you commend Doris Forbes to God.

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