Saturday, May 2, 2015 – Hallelujah! I’m Sending Photos!

I am finally somewhere with internet that supports the sending of some of the photos I’ve taken here in Tanzania.  As I end my third week here, I realize my visit is almost half over. It’s been an exciting experience.  Enjoy these few photos I’m able to send at this time.  Their captions don’t begin to explain what I’ve gotten to do here at Tema Parish:

A group of parishioners:Large Group

Families at the baptism (8 children were baptized, remember?):Baptism

The office I use:TheOffice

The son reading his mother’s obituary at Friday’s funeral:SonObit

This is the house I am living in throughout my stay here in Tanzania:House Stay

When I entered Tanzania, I had to get into 3 different lines to get the visa needed:Need Visa

Two babies, twins, Patricia and Patrice, baptized Friday, May 1, 2015:PatricePatriciaBeatrice, Irene, and Hosiana:BeatriceIreneHosiana

My room is where the windows are on the right:HouseWindow

Here are books the students use.  Math books are on the right:Books

And here are the 3rd and 4th graders who use those books:Students3&4

This is a local woman carrying her baby:MotherBaby

These are things being auctioned after church for the offering:Auction1 Auction2

This is where I’m going on a Nrowony home visit:NrowonyHomeVisits

This is maize, the corn which is a staple here and grown all over:Maize

Kilimanjaro can be seen behind the trees:Kilimanjaro

I’ll send more later, as I am able.  Peace!



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