Saturday, May 16, 2015 – Tanzanian Weather Woes

Ascension Day worship was wonderful.  There was a small crowd of the
faithful, but Thursday is market day, so it was understandable.  I am
impressed with how well even 16 congregational members can sing the
hymns.  The acoustics are very good in the church and we could hear
well until the rain started.  The metal roof really amplifies that
sound. There is a leak in the roof in the pastor’s office, but
fortunately no water got on the furniture, just on the floor.  The
elders are checking on the problem.

One good thing about the rainy season is that it is nice and cool here
by Nebraska standards.  By that, I mean the Tanzanians are wearing
coats and ski caps and I rarely need a sweater, so I am guessing the
temperature is in the 60s.  One bad thing about the rainy season is
that my upper respiratory infection did not go away and I am back on
medication for the cough.  I have never felt very sick, but my cough
sounded awful.  Fortunately, I did not lose my voice and I have been
able to preach just fine with a cough drop in my mouth.

Friday was a restful day.  I read and visited with a few people who
stopped over.  Electricity has been scarce, so I take advantage of
using the computer whenever it is on.  The sermon is done for Easter 7
and outlined for Pentecost.  I am looking forward to going to Arusha
tomorrow evening.

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