Monday, May 11, 2015 – Worship in Chagga!

It rained all night Saturday, so it was too muddy for me to go to
Nrowony on Sunday. I preached at Tema.  The evangelist led the worship
in Chagga.  The crowd was smaller than previous weeks, but it was
muddy and there were no baptisms this week.  I understand that an
elder from another parish was authorized by the district
superintendent to preach in Nrowony.  He took the topic of marriage
seriously and in addition to the scripture reading from I Kings 3
about Solomon, he added I Cor. 7:1-7.  Look it up!  It will never be
in the revised common lectionary.  He asked the children and youth to
leave the service for his message.  Church is different here

Power went off around 4 pm Sunday and didn’t come back until after 5
on Monday.  I really miss electricity.  It gets dark here a little
after 6 pm, and it’s cloudy at night so it’s very dark.
Tomorrow, I get to go tour Machame Hospital, one of the ministries
supported by Immanuel Communities in Nebraska.  It is the hospital
that the people from this parish use and not far from here, East and
up the mountain as I understand.

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