Sunday, April 26, 2015 – Worship and a Welcome Dinner for Pastor John at St. Mark’s

On Saturday, April 26, Pastor John was welcomed at our Saturday evening worship service.  He preached the sermon and celebrated at Holy Communion.  Following the service, he joined many from the congregation for supper at the local Runza Restaurant.  He enjoyed eating hamburger, runza, french fries, and onion rings.Runza IMG_0053

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church welcomed Pastor John Njau at our worship service this morning at 10:30.  Pastor John preached the sermon and celebrated at Holy Communion.   Pastor John was given gifts from the Women of the ELCA and congregation  (Husker Sweatshirt, St. Paul Wildcat T-Shirt, and local wine and beef jerky.)  Pastor John also shared the gift of a wall cross for the congregation, and some fabric for the Women of the ELCA.  Following the service, a Welcome Dinner was held in his honor.  Thanks to all who helped with this special event!PrJ1 PJgiftt2VAL PJgift2LES IMG_3966 PJDinner2

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