Sunday, April 26, 2015 – EIGHT Baptisms at Tema Parish!

Sunday, April 26
This morning I baptized 8 children, including a set of twins.  All
were babies except for a little boy who was about 2.  He did not want
to be baptized.  An elder restrained him from kicking while his mother
held his head over the font and he screamed.  The poor little kid
didn’t want to be in the picture afterwards either.  You will see that
on his face.  The babies didn’t cry and were fairly quiet during the

They asked me to read all the pastor parts in Swahili.  I wish I had
known in advance and I would have practiced.  They seemed to
appreciate the effort any way.  I will practice for next week.  We
have at least 2 more baptisms next Sunday.

It rained all night until after 8 AM today so they moved the service
to Tema since the road to Nrowony is not passable in the mud.  Next
Sunday is at Tema as regularly scheduled.

This afternoon I met with some parish leaders and they shared their
hopes for building a vocational school.  They have the land and want
to be able to teach welding. electrical wiring, computers, and sewing.
Their youth would be able to get good jobs if they had this kind of

This evening, 4 junior high aged girls came to visit me.  I think they
heard I have the internet now and they wanted to see the computer.
They all loved the pictures of Pastor John in Nebraska.

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