April 29, 2015 – Always Something to Do!

Since I didn’t go to Moshi yesterday, I taught religion to the third
and fourth graders at the local school – the story of Jesus at the
wedding at Cana.  Christians are told not to drink here in Tanzania,
so they had lots of questions.  Can anyone change water into wine
today?  Only Jesus.

In the afternoon, I taught the confirmation class.  They love to look
at the pictures on my ipad when we finish the lesson.  This time I
made a short video of them saying hello to the people of St. Mark’s.
You will have to wait until I get back to see it, but trust me they
are adorable.

The last two evenings, some of the older girls have been stopping by
to visit me and this computer.  Hoseana and Irene are 14 and Beatrice
is 17.  We have lalked a lot about food in Nebraska and how computers

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