April 28, 2015 – Pastor Carolyn’s Trip to Moshi Canceled.

Unfortunately, my trip to Moshi today is postponed.   I was looking forward to the trip very much, but the car that was going to be used has broken down.  Four wheel drive vehicles are a definite must here this time of year.  Nothing else gets through the mud.  I don’t think I can send photos until I’m in an area with better connectivity.  I have so many photos to share with you!!!  Evidently, no other transportation is available.  I’ve been told I may be going to Moshi May 22nd, that’s over 3 weeks from now!  I’m hoping it can be much sooner, and I’m hoping my other trips are not similarly “postponed.”

There has been a death in the parish, so I am getting prepared, learning the Swahili I need to use in the funeral service later this week.

More later as I am able to send it.


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