Tuesday, April 14, 2015 – A Wonderful Welcome!

It is amazing here!
Last night I was met at the airport by all the elders and presented with a beautiful fabric wrap. The rest of the congregation met us at the church waving palm branches and singing. Today we saw the bishop and district superintendent.
Unfortunately, I have no internet here, and I need to buy minutes for the phone.
The food is great, lots of rice and chicken and fruits.  I’m trying to learn the language from my hosts.  Its been raining, so it’s too muddy to go to the Market today.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers.  This is a very special place!

More tomorrow, hopefully!

Here’s a photo of Moshi Town with Kilimanjaro in the background…it’s a Google image, I haven’t seen it like this for myself…YET!Moshi


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