Dave and Carolyn’s trip to San Francisco!

Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA.

Dave and Carolyn visited Bethany in San Francisco July

Beth’s Oakland apartment.

30th-August 6th.  They helped her move from an apartment in Oakland to an apartment in San Francisco.  She lives very close to The Urban School of San Francisco where she works.  She bikes to and from school

Loading up!

through a beautiful park.  Not too shabby!

Stuff in the truck!

We’re at Embarcadero!

We arrived at SFO via Denver International on Monday, and stayed with Bethany at her Oakland apartment.  On Tuesday, we enjoyed the area while Bethany worked, and we walked

Beth at her new apartment!

around the lake.

Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Her Kitchenette.

On Wednesday, we loaded her things into a pickup she borrowed from a friend, and a van she borrowed from work…one load each. Everything went smoothly.

Beth in her living room.

On Thursday, we explored the area around her new apartment.  She lives less than half a block from Golden Gate Park.  We walked the four blocks to the nearest shopping area.  The Richmond District is a beautiful part of the city, just

Beth’s street, with the Golden Gate arches.

north of the sprawling Golden Gate Park, and south of the Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge.

On Friday, we rented a car, traveled south, and visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  On

The beach at Carmel.

Saturday, we went to Carmel and visited the beach and shops.

Grace Cathedral.

Sunday, we worshiped at Grace Catheral in San Francisco, and flew home that night.  We enjoyed tasty meals and many exciting rides on Bay Area public transportation.

California Academy of Science from the DeYoung Museum tower.

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