Remodeling 2015 Maclaren has begun!

Our new home is 67 years old.  Some of it has been updated, but it needs a lot of work.  We’ve just begun to remodel, tearing up the dining room carpet, removing it and the pad, and getting it ready to be sanded and finished.  We’ll be doing the same in the living room, hallway, and master bedroom.  It looks great, but takes a lot of time and effort.  No hurry, tho!  

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Carolyn and Dave join the Women’s March in Yakima on 1/21/17!

It was so good to see such a great turnout for the Women’s March here in Yakima.  The Washington DC march was HUGE.  We are prepared to work for justice for ALL!  Friends from Central Lutheran Church joined us.  It was a very multicultural group!

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Carolyn’s Tanzania Presentation at CLC!

Dressed in attire she received from her friends at Tema Parish in the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Carolyn talked about her trip to Tanzania in April and May of 2015 as part of the Nebraska Synod’s Pastor Exchange Program.  It brought back many wonderful memories for her!

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An Unusual Winter in Yakima, we’re told!!!

It seems there hasn’t been this much snow in Yakima for a decade.  People lament that the cold, and snow, and ice seem never-ending.  They tell us about the YUGE snow that caved in garage roofs 20 years ago.  Snow is nice, but we’re used to it snowing, the wind blowing, the roads cleared eventually, a thaw takes place, and it snows again.  That hasn’t happened here.  We’re not missing the winds of the plains, but a thaw would be nice.
Here are some photos of this, the winter of 2016-2017.

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Advent and Christmas Services at Central!

Advent began this year on Sunday, November 27, 2016.  Central Lutheran Church has Holden Evening Prayer services during each Wednesday in Advent at 12 noon and 7pm.  These services are held in the chapel.

Christmas Worship Services took place on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, 2017 with a Children & Family Eucharist at 5:00pm, a Eucharist with Brass at 7:00pm, and a Candlelight Eucharist at 10:30 including Bell Choir and Festival Choir.  These services are held in the nave.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous 2017!  Below is our 2016 Christmas Letter to Family and Friends.

Our new address is:  2105 Maclaren Street, Yakima, Washington 98902.

Happy Advent!

We hope all is well with you and yours, and we hope you enjoy ALL the holidays of the season!

Yes! In case you haven’t already heard, we’ve moved!  After serving St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in St. Paul, Nebraska for almost 5 years, Carolyn accepted a call to Central Lutheran Church in Yakima, Washington.  Take a look at  Even at our age, we’re adding yet another exciting chapter to our lives!

Last Christmas, Carolyn and Dave took a trip to Carolyn’s hometown, Fredericksburg, Virginia.  We hadn’t been there since 2000.  Much of her family still lives there, and it was nice to see them again.  Among others, we visited her Aunt Grace in Bowling Green, and her Uncle Sam in Lexington.  Aunt Grace died last summer.   We visited the schools Carolyn attended, and worshiped at Christ Lutheran Church in Fredericksburg, her family’s home church.  We also went to the battlefields and Washington D.C. and did other touristy things.

Dave is keeping busy coordinating an Extreme Winter Weather Shelter here where 20 homeless men can sleep in our church fellowship hall during cold nights.  He’s looking forward to doing more with Advocacy and Social Justice issues in the new year, and finding a first call as a deacon!  He’s also singing in the church choir and the Yakima Symphony Chorus.

Carolyn had the on-site three weeks of classes at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago for her Doctor of Ministry program in June and July.  Her classwork was interesting and challenging, and Dave had a nice time experiencing Chicago once again!  Carolyn interviewed at Central in July, accepted the call, and her last day in St. Paul was August 14th.  We then drove to Yakima, where we stayed with a Central family in their home until we were able to move into a home we bought on August 26th.  We downsized…considerably, from a large parsonage to a much smaller 1950 era home.  It needs some work, but it’ll be fun!  We’re going to restore the original solid oak floors, we’re thinking of a Prairie School decor.  We left MANY, MANY things behind, much to the benefit of St. Mark’s and their Junk Jaunt the last weekend of September in support of numerous missions of the Church!

Four trips were made to move: 1. Dave and Carolyn drove to Yakima so Carolyn could begin serving August 15th.  2. Dave flew back to St. Paul to load, single handedly, a 26’ UHaul, and drive it to Yakima.  (Unfortunately, the moving van company backed out only a week before.)  3. Not everything fit into the truck, so Dave flew back 2 weeks later and loaded a10’ truck with the rest of the things needing to be moved.  Driving over the mountains is NOT fun in a truck.  4.  Carolyn and Dave drove back to St. Paul to bring her mother to live in The Landmark nursing home here in Yakima.

Central Lutheran Church in Yakima recently celebrated their 90th anniversary, having been formed by the merging of a Swedish, a Norwegian, and a German congregation.  Much is happening in the congregation, the building is used by many outside organizations, and they are a very caring and active group of people.  We love it!  Carolyn hopes to accomplish a lot here!  Yakima is a city of 98,000 in south-central Washington.  The Yakama Nation Reservation is just south of here.  We’re 2.5 hours from Seattle.  Almost 80% of the hops used by breweries in the USA is grown in this valley, along with much of the country’s apples and other fruits.  Vineyards and wineries are abundant as well.  Many things to do here, lots of places to visit.  Very exciting!

Dan and Emily are settled in their new home and jobs, Emily at Honeywell and Dan at Gage Advertising, in and around Plymouth, MN.  Dan visited Yakima before a business meeting in Seattle.  Bethany is enjoying her life in San Francisco, CA and helping high school students understand the science of physics in their lives.  She joined us for Thanksgiving.  All will be here for Christmas.  Yay!  Dave’s brother and sister-in-law came for a visit, too. The Pacific NorthWest is a great place to be!  The Yakima Valley is beautiful!  Please come visit us when you can…we have a couple of extra bedrooms.

Though we’ve had a great 2016, we concerned with recent events and what 2017 may now bring. Pray with us for ALL people around the world, especially those in need, not only at Christmastime, but ALWAYS!


Please keep in touch:  email us at   Check out our family website for more photos and information at



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More Autumn ’16 Scenery In and Around Yakima!

South Central Washington State is beautiful this time of year.  Just wanted to share some of the beauty with you:

2105viewfromroof5 2105viewfromroof4 2105viewfromroof3 2105viewfromroof2 2105viewfromroof1 yakimafromnwhills2 yakimafromnwhills1 yakimafromnwhills3 autumnwindypines autumnyakimaspireabackyard autumnyakimadogwoodbackyard

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A Beautiful Autumn in the Pacific Northwest!

Fall is my favorite season of the year!  Here’s why:

autumni90-7 autumni90-8 autumni90-5 autumni90-4 autumni90-3 autumni90-2 autumni90 autumnincascades autumninyak1

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Autumn views of the Yakima Valley from the hills!

Here’s what the beautiful Yakima Valley looks like:windypointwinery1 windypointwinery2 windypointwinery3 windypointwinery4 windypointwinery5 windypointwinery6 windypointwinery7 windypointwinery8

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Time to empty the Pond!

The Naches-Cowiche Canal and Reservoir, or…as we like to call it, the POND, has been emptied.  The irrigation season is over and winter is nigh.  It’l be refilled in the spring for a new season in the orchards, vineyards, and fields.pondcleaning1 pondcleaning2 pondcleaning3

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